Lok Sabha Debate on MTP (Amendment) Bill 2020

Authors: Dr. Souvik Pyne, Dr. Arvinder Nagpal and Dr. Alka Barua The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act of 1971 legally permits abortion services for select conditions that provide exemptions from prosecution under the Indian Penal Code of 1861. The MTP Act specifies the gestation, facilities, physical infrastructure, and service providers for service provision. The Act andContinue reading “Lok Sabha Debate on MTP (Amendment) Bill 2020”

Concerns Emerging From Women’s Perspectives On Abortion Services

Ms. Manushi Sheth, Coordinator, SAHAJ (Vadodara, Gujarat), February 11, 2020 I have been working in the development sector for the last 15 years. I realised only a few years ago that women of reproductive age in many countries couldn’t exercise their right to abortion. Globally, 41 percent of women live under restrictive laws. Legal restrictionsContinue reading “Concerns Emerging From Women’s Perspectives On Abortion Services”

Victims twice over: Pregnancy due to sexual abuse and forced motherhood due to failed justice

Dr. TK Sundari Ravindran[1] The year 2017 marked a watershed in my four decades or so as a women’s health advocate and a firm supporter of women’s right to safe abortion services. This was the year when several child rape survivors approached the courts for access to safe abortion services for pregnancies exceeding 20 weeksContinue reading “Victims twice over: Pregnancy due to sexual abuse and forced motherhood due to failed justice”

Autonomy and Abortion Access

Author: Dr Suchitra Dalvie MD,MRCOG[1] We need more girls to be born they say. We need to stop the ‘gendercide’ that is taking place across the world, they say. For social justice. For women’s rights. For human rights. While this is a compelling argument when taken at face value, if we take a moment to examine itContinue reading “Autonomy and Abortion Access”

Why do Indian women need safe abortion services?

Author: Bhuvaneswari Sunil, PhD If this reading, kindles a spark in you to know more about women undergoing abortion, then you would decide to hear voices of women seeking abortion…But if you simply decide to blame women and abortion, you are at a loss of understanding reality… For last five years I have worked onContinue reading “Why do Indian women need safe abortion services?”